How I Got My Irish Student Visa

“How I got my Irish student visa” by; Mehmet Orcan is a short yet, informative blog about the process Mehmet had to take to obtain his student visa to study in Ireland. Mehmet is a full-time student originally from Turkey has made his way to Cork, Ireland to study at the Cork Institute of Technology,… Continue reading How I Got My Irish Student Visa

Ireland – The Emerald Heartbreaker

Ireland – The Emerald Heartbreaker Written by: Hella Heiderich In May 2019 I packed up my van, boxed up my big city life, and set out for a solotrip through Europe. With a vaguely preplanned route on hand, I only wanted totravel European countries I haven’t been to so far, see no city up close… Continue reading Ireland – The Emerald Heartbreaker